The Shoe Box Secret {Part One}

“Oh, good grief. Are you kidding me?”

Cece tossed a handful of her husband’s laundry into a basket and forced the closet door open. “Where the heck does he even wear all of these clothes?” She bent over and picked up five more t-shirts, and a pair of pants then added them to the clothes she’d collected from his side of the bed. She knew it had been a while since their last laundry day, but she didn’t think it had been that long.

Searching the remainder of the closet one last time, her eyes fell on a box behind his golf clubs. It was a smaller shoe box, but Cece couldn’t recall the shoes that went with it. She wondered if Mason had gotten her a gift for their upcoming anniversary and her curiosity got the better of her. She removed the lid, but her brows furrowed.

“What in the world?”

Her eyes scanned over the contents. There were various passports, each with a different name, and a significant amount of cash in different currencies. “Liam Matloff. Hiram Ridgeport. Benjamin Jeffreys. Samuel Campion. This can’t be right.” Cece recognized a few locations but not the names and wasn’t sure why Mason had them in his possession.

There was one passport, with the name Henry Lancaster, that caught her attention more than others. She’d seen that name in the news a couple of weeks ago. It was a case that was unsolved, but involved money laundering and murder.  Cece’s mind began to race with the thoughts of what it could mean as her heart rate increased. She could feel the panic rise as she flipped through five more passports.

Headlights passed the window and Cece jumped. She glanced around the room and realized that Mason was home. Quickly placing everything back the way she’d found it, she set the shoebox back in the closet and tugged the laundry basket toward the washer.

She heard the front door open then slam shut. The baby monitor on her hip lit up in green lights as their nine-month-old son began to cry. Cece rolled her eyes. “Really, Mason. I just got Finn to sleep,” she mumbled under her breath. Releasing a sigh, she threw the remainder of the basket into the washer, added soap and hit start before heading to Finn’s room.

Mason met her at Finn’s crib and placed a hand on the small of her back. She jumped at his touch, and he removed his hand with a skeptical look. “Everything okay?” She nodded. “Of course, you just scared me, is all. Welcome home.” She adjusted Finn before giving her husband a kiss on the cheek. Mason smiled as they walked to the kitchen. “Thanks, honey. How was your day?”

“It was uneventful. Finn, here, he’s fussy and won’t sleep longer than thirty minutes. But otherwise, it’s been an alright day.” She offered a warm smile and rocked their son, hoping she seemed normal. Finn sniffled and buried his face between her head and shoulder. Mason nodded and set his briefcase on the counter before taking a seat at the bar. “Well, I’m sorry to hear that he isn’t sleeping. Maybe try some music tonight? If he doesn’t stop, just let him cry. Eventually, he’ll pass out from exhaustion. No use in you losing sleep too, Cece.”

“That’s so cruel. I could never.” She looked horrified as she held Finn closer to her chest. “We’re supposed to nurture and take care of him.”

“Not at the risk of preventing his development.” Mason rolled his eyes and shrugged his coat off. “You can’t pamper him all the time. He’ll get too soft.” It was Cece’s turn to roll her eyes as she sat in the rocking chair across from Mason. “You always say that, but you don’t know the first thing about it. He’s teething. Cut him some slack.”

Mason laughed. “Yeah, I’ll cut him some slack when he learns what’s right. I used to pick on kids like him.” Pouring himself a whiskey sour, he took a drink and pointed at the child. “Don’t encourage him to be any less than his optimal self.” Cece shook her head. “He’s less than a year old. How could he possibly know what’s right? You’re awful.” Mason ignored her and walked to the living room. “When’s dinner?”

She released the breath she’d been holding and rubbed Finn’s back. “It’ll be ready in thirty minutes. Let me get Finn back to bed, then I’ll finish it.” Mason flipped on the television to the news, and the conversation was over. Cece considered her find in the closet and the best way to approach him. She knew that tonight wouldn’t end well since he was already in a mood, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that this was far greater than even she knew.

‘Who am I married to?’ 

The question bounced around her mind as she laid her son in his crib once more and covered him with a small blanket. She considered her options as she prepped their dinner and served him. She desperately wanted answers but was afraid of the cost.


Hello again, lovely readers!

I’m a little behind on my blog challenges, but this one here, this is part of it. We were asked to use this site to pick a prompt. My prompt was:

“A woman finds an old shoebox belonging to her husband, and opens it to find foreign passports under different names, and a large amount of cash. Who is she married to? As she starts to panic, he arrives home…”

I’m not really sure where the rest of this prompt will go, but if you’d like to see a part two, leave me a comment below with some ideas on what he’s hiding and why he might be doing it.

You can find the responses from other participants here (NSFW), here, here, here, and here.




It’s time for a mini challenge. :D




I love pandas.
They’re adorable, fluffy, and fantastic. How could I not?


I love fresh fruit, cold sparkling water, and that we are in the summertime. With the warmer temperatures I can fish, swim, paddle board and tan. All of which are some of my favorite things to do. <3


I am currently reading the book Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson. It was our book club book for the discord server I’m in, but I don’t think anyone else is currently reading it. I’ve decided to try and push through. I can sort of see a story in here somewhere. :D


I haven’t been watching too much television as of late. I’ve been binge-watching my movies. {In case you don’t know me all that well, I own quite a few movies. xD} I just finished watching the first four Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I still need to watch the most recent one to “finish the series” this time around but plan to do that tomorrow.

I saw a few older movies too: The Parent Trap, Chasing Liberty and First Daughter. They were on Fox the other day, so I decided to watch them from start to finish.

I also watched Born in China for the first time ever. It’s a Disney Nature film that features a panda family among a few others. {Surprise! Haha.} I thought it was pretty cute.


I have been listening to a lot of gaming music. While catching up on my writing for Camp NaNoWriMo, I need some good music that doesn’t have a lot of vocals and gaming music does the job. I also have been listening to a lot of Chill Dubstep. :)

{Thinking About}

I have been thinking about taking some trips and camping. I recently saw Mount Rushmore and Sioux Falls which sparked some sort of traveling bug inside of me. Now I want to go see the Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon, and Ol’ Faithful.

Camping has also been a thing I’ve wanted to do since summer started. I want to ditch work for a couple of days and sleep in a tent in some random forest where I can fish and eat campfire food. It sounds magical. <3


I have been anticipating getting a puppy for well over a year.

Anyone who knows me, knows I want a dog. I can’t have one until we move so I’m counting down the days until I can have one.

I can’t wait!!!


I wish I had a house. :D

If I have a home, I get a dog. xD

My wants/desires are simplistic in nature. <3

{Making Me Happy}

My honey and my cats make me happy. They’re always excited to see me when I get home, and it makes me feel loved.

My sister-in-law asked me to be her maid-of-honor, and that makes me happy! I’ve never been one before! :D But I’m glad she trusts me enough to do the job.

The discord server I’m in makes me happy. I’ve met so many amazing people with so much experience/talent. It’s a privilege to interact with them as I do and I love being a part of their crowd. :D


That’s it for the “currently” challenge.
Check back next month to see what I’m up to.
Link your response below in the comments.

Until Next Time,