Back in Action

I know, I know.

It seems like I’m always saying that, but this time should be different. My goal is to stay more consistent with blogging because the writing must continue!

What have I been up to?
That seems like a relatively easy question to answer, but I’ve come to realize that a lot has changed. I’m saving money for a pupper (and moving)! I can’t wait to get one. Should be another 13 months, but it’s gonna happen! :D This girl needs a dog in her life, haha.

I switched jobs back in August of 2017 from the dog daycare/boarding facility to a new position of overnight barista where I serve coffee to many a person every night. It’s a lot of fun, and I enjoy the new crowds I meet every day. Did I mention I get free coffee/tea? It’s pretty fantastic.

I participated in NaNo, which I did a post about. However, I did not update afterward. My bad. At some point, I really will be better about updating you all on the progress of my writing. Maybe I’ll focus on that during July for Camp NaNo. I’ll definitely work on planning something so that I can keep my word. Keep a lookout for an update. :)

I got to visit with one of my favorite aunts who recently went on a writing retreat in the Bahamas! Something to aspire to, for sure. The way she described everything and her time, it sounds like she had a fantastic adventure that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. I’m a little jealous because I’ve never traveled outside the United States. Though I do plan to someday change that fact. Where will I go? Excellent question! For now, we’ll save that for another blog post.

What else… It has gotten much warmer in Colorado. Which is very helpful because I’m not a huge fan of the cold. (Though, I do enjoy sweaters/hoodies very much which comes with colder weather.) With the sun and warmer temperatures, I am more outdoorsy. I’ve already caught four fish since the fishing season began, I’ve been paddle boarding and have already enjoyed a lovely afternoon on an inflatable tube at our local theme park in the pool. Can anyone say, “This is the life?” All I need now is some summer rain on a warm day and a good book or notepad/pen.

Speaking of books, this summer, I plan on reading through quite a few books in my personal library that I have purchased but never found time to read. And maybe a couple of books I’ve already started and finished. I recently came across a few new horror anthologies and random novels that looked interesting. It’s gonna be great!

I almost forgot to mention that I’m participating in a blog challenge from one of the servers I’m in on Discord. Keep a close eye out for these posts as you are more than welcome to join in on the challenge. It appears that we will be touching base on quite a few different prompts from a variety of places. I’m super excited and can’t wait for you all to get a taste of my writing.

For now, I’m gonna go ahead and shut this post down. But I wanted to let you all know that I’m alive and well. I hope that I haven’t lost too many of you to my hiatus. Thank you to my faithful followers. I appreciate you more than you know. As the title states — I’m back in action and the writing will continue. :D

As always, have a great day my lovelies! <3

Coming Soon – Another Haven of Chaos (World) post. Don’t know what that is? Head on over to check it out here

The Start of a New Year



It is January 28!

We are well on our way to the rest of the year, folks. Three weeks have passed and the new year’s resolutions for most have died off or disappeared. What have the last few weeks held in store for you? How has your year treated you so far? Are you sticking with your new year’s resolutions? Have you accomplished any goals?

My year has proved busy, successful and well, unexpected. I’ve…

Worked quite a bit,
Gone to the stock show,
Drank approximately 32 ounces of water every day (or more),
Attended a mammoth game,
Had a few beers,
Encouraged a few writer friends to pursue their dreams and keep going,
Helped organize and clean an office,
Tried a new restaurant,
Started taking an online marketing course,
Actively participated in watching football,
Mourned Alan Rickman’s death,
Drank some wine,
Played some Sims 3 and Sims 4,
Started cooking at home more,
Started packing better lunches for work,
Posted more social media content,
Took more pictures,
And drew a panda (featured image), just to list a few.

All in all? It’s not a bad start. Drinking water, for me, was a big one. I was lucky if I managed to drink 8 ounces all day. Now I’m finishing off at least 32 ounces, or more, within the day before five o’clock.

And football?
Oh man, football. I’m not a huge fan. Never really have been, but I made a point to try and attempt to pay attention, know the scores and be enthusiastic when the right team scored.

I didn’t set any specific new year resolutions, necessarily. Why? Partly, I was lazy in planning and didn’t know what I wanted to fix. I’m a mess in so many areas and when looking in the mirror, I couldn’t figure out where to start.

With that in mind, it seemed hopeless. I felt like I should have some sort of epic, award-winning moment in my life that would spill all of the knowledge I needed as soon as the clock struck midnight.

Do you know what really happened? I watched the ball drop and then glanced around the faces on the television to see their reactions. Most were laughing and having a blast. Then my gaze focused on Demi Lovato’s expression on the screen.

Her smile turned upside down, but only in the corners of her mouth. Her eyes lost the glimmer for a few small seconds. I watched her look around and she seemed unhappy, envious of those around her. For a moment, I knew that we were in the same boat. We were disappointed. The confetti fell from the sky and people were everywhere but there were no award-winning moments, no grandiose light shows nor words of wisdom.

Now, I don’t know her personally. I’ve never met her or had the pleasure of conversing with her. But I know what unhappy looks like. I felt like I could relate with the “so… this is it” expression. It was as if she didn’t want to enjoy the moment she was in, though everyone else around her was. I could relate. It was as if we both realized one thing…

It was just another year, another time, another midnight.

Every year, we get older. Every year, we watch the time fade and we wonder what happened. I didn’t want to feel like that anymore and personally decided to make this year one find and enjoy the things that I love. I want to learn more about me and do what I want to do. I hope beyond all hope that I am wrong about Demi and that maybe she really wasn’t feeling well. Or maybe she naturally smiles like that. I will never know for certain.

What I do know?
Life is far too short to not enjoy what we’re doing with it.

You only get one life, one moment to take that chance, one shot to make your life what you want it to be.

What will your face look like next year, when you watch the ball drop for another year? Will you regret what you’ve done? Or will your entire body be filled with elation that everyone around you can’t help but smile with you? Are you doing what makes you happy? Something you’re passionate about?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for everyone else. If you do, you’ll be standing in a crowded room on New Year’s Eve wondering what your life means. You run the risk of being unhappy or disappointed with the “new year.”

Embrace this life.

Embrace you.

Until next time, my darlings…

– Shay <3