It’s That Time of Year Again

NaNoWriMo has arrived.

They’ve reset everything for another year and Kick Off Parties begin tonight!

(Throw confetti, everyone!)

Below, you will find my commitment to my project, Silhouettes of Red. I will also post what my experience is with NaNoWriMo and writing this novel, throughout the month. If you’re willing to give it a go, visit: and sign up today! There’s still time. (:

Without further ado… My commitment.


Let this signify a testament and commitment. Everything written below is as if I wrote the words with my own two hands on pen and paper. This commitment will not be broken unless I pass or am severely injured to where I cannot write. (;

I, Shanna Rightsell, will write Silhouettes of Red for November while I participate in NaNoWriMo (also known as National Novel Writing Month). I will unravel the story of a serial killer, Edgar Bates, who has an odd obsession with blood. He has a strong desire for his story to be told, so I promise to write out all of his thoughts on paper, good or bad and will write his first draft to the best of my ability. I will attempt to make Silhouettes of Red a victory novel, meaning that I promise to push myself toward completing the first draft, in November. When I finish my first draft of Silhouettes of Red, I will celebrate with a blog post. (:

Throughout the month, I promise to write as much as I physically/mentally can throughout each week as I aim to reach my goal. I promise to focus the majority of my time, effort and energy to the project listed within and will attempt to lay aside distractions. My commitment shall include the restriction of television/movie watching, video-gaming, and general laziness until my word count has been reached for the day.

I vow to stick with my commitment until my project mentioned within is complete. This means that if I am unable to complete my novel through the NaNoWriMo program, I will continue to write until the book is finished. Within the NaNoWriMo program, I will track my words and progress to share with the world. Also, I promise to attempt to post a weekly blog with updates and a bonus excerpt for my fabulous readers. To which, if I fail to stick with my commitment or post a weekly blog with updates, I subject myself to public mockery from friends, loved ones and readers. If I’ve failed to write Silhouettes of Red (in part or in whole), then I will be subject to questions by readers, loved ones, and friends, that I must answer truthfully as punishment for not completing my project.

At this moment, I proclaim another novel to the world.


Goodbye, sanity.
Hello, Silhouettes of Red.

Let the writing begin. <3

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Hai hai, I'm Shay, but many people call me Panda! I'm a writer, movie-lover, dog mom, and streamer. I'm obsessed with pandas, scary things, beanies + hoodies. My super power is sarcasm and I'm learning how to be unapologetically me. Welcome in.

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