Try, Try Again


Thea tossed her notes aside and wiped her sweaty forehead as irritation resurfaced.

“Why can’t I figure this out?”

She walked toward the panel once more, releasing a sigh. Each button flickered it’s respective color as the machine beneath her functioned flawlessly. Thea removed the manual from the shelf and walked toward the simulator. Flipping through the information, she searched for additional tips and tricks.

After a few moments of reading, her nerves began to settle, and the confidence returned.

“I can do this,” she reasoned as she collected her scattered papers. Taking a slower breath, she closed her eyes and allowed herself to forget the failure of her previous attempt. She opened the book to the correct page and set her notes back in order.

Thea glanced around at her surroundings before stepping toward the monitor. With everything seemingly in place, she decided it was time.

“Computer, restart program from sequence 5-9-3.”

The computer flickered for a moment then the monitor adjusted to the flying mode from before. “Program 5-9-3 initiated. The sequence will begin in 10, 9, 8…”

Thea’s heart began to pound. She could feel each nerve go on edge as the countdown continued.

“5, 4, 3…”

Another breath.

“2, 1.”

She opened her eyes then focused on the panels. Everything read correctly as the numbers on each gauge lit up and after a few more moments, the phase completed. “That wasn’t so hard.” Her voice strengthened as the first phase came and went. With the second phase, she noticed that particles began to appear on the screen. Without hesitation, she guided the ship through them and once more, finished a level. Thea’s concentration enhanced with each step as she finished another set of scales with ease.

Hours past and the asteroid phase began. Thea took a deep breath but pushed through, refusing to let her fear take over. This time, the flashing red lights disappeared, and she successfully passed through the storm.

“I’m impressed.”

The voice came from behind her.

Thea stopped, frozen for a moment as she realized that she was no longer alone. The simulator continued, and she noticed a planet in the far right side of her screen.  “Computer, pause program.”

A whirring sound rang out as the computer confirmed the request. “Program, Sequence 5-9-3 paused on phase 26.”

After confirming that the program was on pause, Thea turned toward the intruder. With a raise of her eyebrow, she considered her words carefully.

“Promethia, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

Promethia’s cardinal red hair billowed down her radiant face as she smirked at Thea. “As if you don’t already know.” Her complacent nature reverberated with her words as she adjusted her stance. Taking a few more steps toward Thea, Promethia positioned herself to watch the simulator. “Shall we continue?”

Thea glanced from the simulator back to Promethia. “We? I believe this is my practice session. Kindly find your way out the same way you came in.”

Promethia threw her head back with a cackle. “My darling Thea. You’ll always practice. Practice, practice, practice.” Lifting a finger to her chin, she frowned at the first mate. “Never to truly run the ship. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I got to take your place?”


Will Thea run the simulator with Promethia in the room?

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Will Thea leave the room to attend to her other duties passing on a response to Promethia’s taunts?

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First in Haven of Chaos (World) – Oh No!

The ship’s computer lit up with flashing lights as a capitalized word in red encompassed the screen, and rock formations appeared. A tall woman with long blonde hair stood in shock as the crisis began. Frantically, she pushed the buttons around her, next to a black panel, attempting to avoid the oncoming attack.

With a final attempt, her blue-eyed gaze focused on the man glancing straight ahead. Thea’s heart started to race, and the panic increased as her feeble efforts proved useless.

“Captain, something’s off here. Mind taking a look?”

Her voice wavered, then trailed off as she nervously waited for a response. The captain averted his gaze and their eyes connected for a brief moment before she turned away. He approached the first mate, attempting to contain a smile. Captain Helios knew what reactions to expect and enjoyed the way he made her squirm.

“Right you are, Thea. ” His coy, yet playful nature echoed beneath his British accent as he confirmed her response. “You aren’t scared, are you? What’s life without a little adventure?”

He wrapped his graying shoulder length hair in a ponytail then approached the control panels. Captain Helios entered a code, and the cryptic warning message disappeared. The image of clustered asteroids followed suit, and the screen went black.

“Now what would have happened if I weren’t here?” He casually slapped her on the back. “Good thing your knight in shining armor is here to rescue you.” Placing his hands on his hips, Captain Helios puffed out his chest and proudly looked to the ceiling.

Thea rolled her eyes. “You only wish I needed a knight.” Her sarcasm deliciously fell from the words as they escaped her tongue.

Captain Helios laughed and raised an eyebrow. “Maybe I do.” He shrugged with a grin, then walked out of the room. She considered their history of bantering as she watched him leave. Convinced that it was pure enjoyment on the Captain’s part, she returned to her duties without a second thought.

The simulator whirred behind her, and she closed her eyes. “Another fail…”

Carefully examining her notes, Thea attempted to find her mistake that led to the defeat in her mission. She secretly thanked the gods that it was only practice but pleaded for help in future success.


Author’s Note:

As with all adventures, you must choose your path to continue the story.

Proceed below to make a choice, then look to the future for the colored post-it that titles your journey.

Good luck, my little earthlings. (;

Will Thea try again, without the captain, on her own?
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Will the ship obtain a new visitor when a comet passes by?
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