Journey of Chaos: Fear

I’ve really hesitated posting this particular subject because fear is a scary thing. I’m talking about those thoughts deep down in the crevices of your brain that you know will come back to haunt you. For me, that’s like giving in to a weakness,  if you will.

“What,” you might ask, “Do you fear, Shay?”

I fear a lot. To be human, in my opinion, we should have a healthy fear of things. {Emphasis on -healthy.-}

I fear the future me. Did I succeed in life, or was my life full of failure? Am I happy? Did I write a book? Am I alone?

Whatever the case, I fear that I won’t be successful. Whether it’s writing (and finishing) a novel, meeting new people or accomplishing something that changes lives, I fear that I will never amount to anything let alone have something to show for my hard work. There are so many standards and procedures that you should follow toward the path of success. I know that I strive toward each of those things and work my hardest to achieve the best that I could possibly have. But what if it’s not enough?

I’ve been told that it only matters what I think and that I should gage my life on how I think it should be lived.

If I were to live by that standard alone, I’ve already failed. I am unsuccessful and that, my dear readers, scares me.

My reason for being unsuccessful? It’s simple. I have not completed a novel. I’m not even close to finishing. I haven’t put myself in a situation to meet a new person in a long time and I don’t believe that I’ve done anything to change anyone’s life. By my own standards, I have failed. My fear has become real at this point and I have achieved it with little effort. So in this case, where do I go from here?

Sure, I could try to change it. I know that the things I want and desire are possible. But sometimes, the fear of failing holds me back. Such a vicious cycle.

Then there’s the fear of success itself. As weird as it sounds, I fear truly succeeding. What happens if I do write that novel and it gets published? When I meet new people, then what? What if I do touch lives? My mind considers the previously listed items as plausible events, but then the question rises to the occasion. If I truly succeed in the small victories that I want to accomplish, what comes next? Not to mention, once you do succeed, the standards have been set. I’ll be required to submit equal or better valued items the next time. So of course, we’re left with nothing more than”What’s next.” I still have no answer for this.

That probably sounds stupid, because in reality, I’m sure it is. I shouldn’t be afraid to succeed, yet once more, my sanity should be questioned because I, after all, fear success. How fun, right?


I fear my depression. I fear the possibility of being consumed by it’s claws. I fear my incompetence. I fear my thoughts and feelings, emotions and mind. I am scary to me because I am capable of a multitude of things. I fear the things that I have accomplished and done as well as what I may accomplish or do moving forward.

I fear unhappiness. The thought of living life with little to no happiness frightens me. How can a person truly live if they’re always unhappy? I’m not always unhappy, but there are moments where it’s overbearing. What if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

I fear losing my senses. Have you ever had your ears cut off on you? Where they randomly put you in a bubble and everything is unclear? I fear losing the ability to truly enjoy the beautiful songs that I hold so dear. Music is very important to me. It helps lift me up and have a better day. There are times where I fear that I will lose this one happiness and it scares me beyond words. I fear losing my sight. I’m scared that one day, I won’t be able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery around me, read a book or watch another movie.

“Do you have a health condition,” you ask. No. I don’t and I definitely do not plan on obtaining one. But that nasty “What if” game really plays tricks on me. I enjoy my senses. If I lost them, I feel like I could lose a part of myself. And that… That would be sad.

I fear judgement, of any kind. I may not be perfect, but having someone evaluate my flaws scares me. I fear that I will fail to meet someone’s expectations – like, maybe I’m not that great.

I fear things because they are unknown. If I know what’s going to happen, I know how to prepare for them. If I don’t, it’s like walking into a deep, dark cave with nothing but a dollar store glow stick. Not a very comforting thought. But I’m not alone. What are your fears? What stops you from success? Do you have an opinion on fear? What is it?

When it comes down to it, the fear is all in my head. Why do I fear these things? Because I’ve convinced myself that there is something to lose. Whether that’s the case or not, will I rise to the challenge and overcome my fear? I’ve already told myself a story that I can’t. But is there a way that I can? Am I able to overcome fear?

I think in posting this here, for all to read, I’ve already conquered one. I like to think that’s a step in the right direction.


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Hey, I'm Shay, a lover of movies and great books. My super power is sarcasm.

4 thoughts on “Journey of Chaos: Fear”

  1. Fear is such a huge and frightening topic and I am impressed by your post. I think you are very courageous to write it. And again you are echoing my thoughts.
    I fear a lot. It would take too long to list it all. Mainly I think I fear… people. What people might think about me. Or rather that they think bad about me/don’t like me. Because then they won’t refrain from hurting me.
    And I am afraid of not being able to manage the stuff life throws at me. That at some point something will go so horribly wrong that I won’t be able to deal with it…
    Yeah let’s leave it with that.

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    1. Hey there!

      Thank you for reading it! It’s only courageous if it is read. (;

      Your fears are so right there with me too. People, other people in general, are a scary thing. I think each of us has a part inside of us that fears one another. Some learn to cope and overcome it, others (like me), take a slower approach and try to work through it one person at a time. As for life, again, I think everyone is fearful of what it holds, where it’s going and what happens when it’s over. I sure do. (;

      As for you, I believe that you are fully capable to survive a multitude of things. Don’t get discouraged by others or life. You’re a great friend and have a lot of potential. Just give yourself more credit. <3 You can do anything you want to do. (;


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