Journey of Chaos: Encouragement and Positivity

Everyone needs encouragement.
Whether we want to admit it or not.

We crave it.

I am most guilty of all.
I look to other people and their affirmations to encourage myself. Now, this isn’t always bad… But it can be! Here’s why.

1.) I think that I’m doing a horrible job until someone tells me otherwise.
2.) I won’t ask for someone to tell me I’m doing a good job or set them up, but when they don’t, it makes me sad.
3.) I watch as others compliment another person’s hard work, and notice that they ignore mine.

And the moral of the story?

I get jealous.
When I see others getting “encouraging words” or recognition of sorts (like a raise, or a thank you note), I instantly get jealous. It’s almost like, “Hey now… I do that stuff too… Why didn’t anyone notice me for doing that?” Let me just say, that’s not the frame of mind that I want to have. Let’s continue, shall we?

I get discouraged.
I watch as others get congratulated or rewarded then automatically think that I’m doing something wrong. I’m not doing anything wrong! I am doing everything humanly possible when I give my 100%, I just have to remember that.

I feel defeated/down.
My mood changes based on the encouragement levels that I receive. Ultimately, I shouldn’t let my mood change or fluctuate based on others. That’s a downward spiral waiting to combust. I want a healthier, steadier life. (:

I know that it’s not healthy.
I can’t rely on others to make me feel worth it, or good enough. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with those scenarios. Most of which leaves me in a depressed state. No one -wants- to be sad. Or, at least, I hope not…

So I start with me.

I allow myself time for just me. Time to get ready, time to eat, time to write, time to sleep, the list goes on and on. This isn’t verbal, but it helps me to realize that the time that I dedicate to myself is worth it. It’s valuable, for me and -only I- can commit that time to me.

I read encouraging things. Often times, we’re bombarded with negative news, stories, and events from others, including stress. If I give myself something to read that I know will be beneficial, then it’s going to give me something positive to think about.

I think of the things that I’m grateful for. Listing my thankful items, even if it’s only three, puts me in a better mindset and helps me stay positive throughout the day because it takes the focus off of me.

I encourage others. Again, adjusting my focus to something other than myself helps me stay positive. It’s not that others don’t see what I’m doing. Instead, it’s everyone is so busy that we don’t take time to tell others how they’re doing and how they help you.

I want to hear all of the good that I do and what I do right.
We all do.
But, life isn’t like that.

All I can hope to do is try to encourage another person so that they don’t have to feel that way. We’re a team on this earth. It’s time we started acting like it. (;

So I challenge each of you, my dear readers. Make it a point to tell people positive, encouraging and truthful things. [Don’t feed blanket statements or lies.] Fill your environment with positivity and encouraging truths. You might be surprised by the change it makes in your life as well as theirs.

Remember: You are important! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If the environment you are in today is not the one you want, transform it. You are powerful and can do whatever you choose.

How do you stay encouraged? How do you stay positive? What do you say/do daily to make your environment better? Feel free to share your encouraging thoughts and activities in the comment section.

Until Next Time,
Shay <3