Journey of Chaos: Expressing My Secrets, One Post at a Time…

Hey there!

After some careful thought and a bit of encouragement topped with a nudge from a friend, I am going to be doing a segment of posts that are my (A-Z) Personal Progress + Continued Journeys. The series of postsΒ will focus on featured topics that range in the good, the bad, the ugly and the chaotic. (;

Featured Topic Realms:
β€’ Addictions
β€’ Animals
β€’ Blogging
β€’ Commitments
β€’ Distractions
β€’ Dreams
β€’ Encouragement
β€’Β Fears
β€’ Goals
β€’ Habits and Hobbies
β€’ “I Love’s”
β€’ Just Because
β€’ Knowledge is Power
β€’ Life
β€’ Mental Illness Recovery
β€’ Movie Reviews
β€’ Next Up for Me
β€’ Nightmares
β€’ Overcoming Obstacles
β€’ Photos
β€’ Powerful Inspiration
β€’ Quotes
β€’ Recent Reads
β€’ Scary Situations
β€’ Strengths
β€’ Struggles
β€’ Tattoo Potential
β€’ Television Show Reviews
β€’ ‘Under the Weather’ Days
β€’ Vacations
β€’ Victories
β€’ Weaknesses
β€’ Wisdom
β€’ Writing
β€’ X-raying Thoughts
β€’ Yummy Recipes
β€’ Zoning In on Me

I haven’t decided if I want to go in order, or if I want to jump around a bit. Who knows, I may decide to add more as I go.Β What IΒ do know is that it will be a great way for you to get to know me, grant another way for meΒ to express a bit more of my chaos and maybe, just maybe – I’ll get to know some of you better too. So join me on my Journey of Chaos. You might just learn something that will surprise you. (;

Here’s to getting to know you better and offering more of myself to the world,

Let my Journey of Chaos Begin <3

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